Travel Adventure Clay Facial Mask

Ever dreamed of traveling the world and experiencing exclusive beauty treatments?  Here is a chance to do this from the comfort of your own home!  Each jar has enough powder for 4 facials!

  • Travel to Brazil for a luxurious Brazilian Purple Clay facial for normal skin
  • Travel to Australia for a skin brightening Australian Pink Clay facial
  • Travel to France for a skin rejuvenating age defying French Green Clay facial

Directions for use:  Use only plastic or silicone utensils and bowls to mix your facial mask.  1 Tbsp of clay mixture to 1 Tbsp cooled tea, yogurt, raw honey or distilled water.  A tea bag is enclosed if you don't have any of the suggested liquids.  Make a cup of tea, cool it and mix with your facial mixture.

Mix ingredients together to create a pasty concoction to gently apply to your freshly cleaned face.

If you have sensitive skin leave the mask drying for only 5 minutes.  Normal to oily skin can dry about 30 minutes. 

Remove mask gently with warm wet wash cloth

Pat skin dry - do not rub

Ingredients:  Clay, olive leaf powder and rose hips powder.



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