Industrial Revolution

Erie was once the heart of Colorado's coal industry.  Hardy workers provided the difficult labor to fuel plants and factories for a growing country.  These tough individuals emerged from mines with a thirst satisfied only by well crafted beer. In tribute to these unsung laborers, and the everyday efforts of hard-workers everywhere, Industrial Revolution Brewing Company supplies thirsty wage earners with skillfully brewed craft beer of an old world quality.  IRBC has been a family business from the start, Brewer Tim had been a hobby brewer for many years. Working with traditional, and non-traditional ingredients he had perfected a variety of beers and ales for a wide range of tastes. 

Tim's son and IRBC Co-Owner Nate, has many childhood tales of preparing hops and other ingredients for dad's brewing.  Both Tim and Nate are career tradesmen and had a strong desire to bring this hands-on tradition to brewing. This is exemplified by them building most of their equipment from scratch as well as completely remodeling the IRBC building.

Orange Creamsicle Cream Ale - has all the joy of the summer time treat.  Orange, cream and vanilla scents in a unique bar of soap.

Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium hydroxide, real beer, body safe fragrance and color.  

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