In the Beginning!

In the Beginning, we decided to start a soap making business!
Flatirons first and favorite collaborator of Beer Soap is Avery Brewing of Boulder, CO.  Avery was the first to give our little company a chance to become a great beer soap maker.  Avery Brewing is a Destination Brewery in Colorado! Craft Brew Connoisseurs love Avery Brewing and come from all over the area and the country to sample their wares.
The very first soap FSW ever made was Out of Bounds Stout.  We took our little soap sample to Avery and the rest is history!  Hearty scent enriched with oatmeal, baker's chocolate, sugar and spice.  Take a hot steamy shower and enjoy these rich scents!
All of our Avery Beer Soaps are made with real Avery Beer and are individually created to represent the best of each brew.

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