Avery 🍻

Flatirons first and favorite collaborator in 🍺 Soap is Avery of Boulder, CO.  Avery was the first to give our little company a chance to become a great 🍺 soap maker.  Avery is a Destination Brewery in Colorado! Craft Brew Connoisseurs love Avery Brewing and come from all over the area and the country to sample their wares.

The very first soap FSW ever made was Out of Bounds Stout.  We took our little soap sample to Avery and the rest is history!

All of our Avery Beer Soaps are made with real Avery Beer and are individually created to represent the best of each brew.


 Out of Bounds Stout - Hearty stout enriched with oatmeal, baker's chocolate, sugar and spice.  Take a hot steamy shower and enjoy these rich scents!

Out of Mind Stout - The richness of oatmeal stout combined with a invigorating shot of coffee!  Inhale the rich aroma of oatmeal and coffee.  Talk about a wake up shower!

Coconut Porter - Close your eyes and take in the aroma!  Coconut and chocolate with a hint of bourbon.  A smell that reaches back to you childhood and yet sophisticated and rich!

Liliko'i - A light breezy tropical scent - mangos, passion fruit and citrus.  The light fragrance lingers on the skin.

White Rascal - Citrus and Spice, crisp and refreshing a truly unisex fragrance.

Hog Heaven - Caramel  citrus and a tough of oak.  All that and a cute little pig on top!

Tangerine Quad - Citrus, apricots, a hint of vanilla and a touch of bourbon barrel.  What a way to start your day.

Old Jubilation - A combination of winter dried fruits and spices.  A gentle wake up shower on the cold hard days if winter.

The basic Ingredients in our Avery Beer Soaps:   Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, real beer,  and body safe fragrance, cocoa powder and titanium dioxide






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