About Us

Flatirons Soap Works began as a simple hobby.

In 2016, I was laid off from my full-time job at IBM. Coincidentally, my mom retired 2 months later. Feeling unmotivated and unsure of where to look next, my mom and I decided to start our own cold-processed, handmade soap business. What started as a simple hobby selling to friends and family, developed into a soap business where we began selling at multiple craft shows.

As the wife of a local brewery fanatic, I soon began crafting soaps with local Colorado brewery beer. After some trial and error, we created our first oatmeal stout soap and brought it to the Avery Brewing Co, who loved it!

Today, we make soaps with the beer of over 30 local Colorado breweries. Our goal is to support local, handmade vendors while providing the most quality and gentlest skincare products.

Each Flatirons Soap Works product is made with ethically sourced ingredients from locally-owned and women-owned businesses.

We also pride ourselves on:

  • Limited ingredients
  • Safe and gentle ingredients
  • Handmade formulas
  • Being Made in the USA

With every soap purchase, you’re actively supporting not only Colorado breweries, but those who have helped us develop and craft our soaps as well. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase a soap for yourself or gifting one for all your (dirty) friends, thank you for supporting Colorado small businesses.

Our products are not intended to replace the recommendations of any healthcare provider.

We make our products nut free but we cannot guarantee that the supplies we use are made in a nut free environment.  So do not assume the products are safe for those with nut allergies.  For those with other allergies or sensitive skin, we list our ingredients for your review. We always recommend a 'patch test' prior to using the soap if you are unsure if the ingredients used will cause a reaction.  Discontinue use if skin appears irritated or red after using.

Our products are formulated to be extremely mild but some individuals may have adverse reactions to certain plant materials or other natural products. If irritation should occur, please discontinue use and consult a physician.

If you have questions, please email us at flatironssoapwork@gmail.com.


Owner of Flatirons Soap Works