Ska Brewing, one of Colorado's  favorite breweries has allowed us to work with them on some of their flagship brews. Ska is located in Durango Co and recently (During a pandemic) Opened in Boulder CO, Ska Street Brewstillery will open to the public on March 16, followed by a grand opening celebration slated for April 9. 

A joint project of Ska Brewing and its sister company, Palisade’s Peach Street Distillers, Ska Street Brewstillery in Boulder will include a restaurant, a 10 BBL brewing system, a 450-liter still, thirty taps for serving Ska beers, a mixology program, and all of the music-inspired silliness the has established Ska and Peach Street as iconic Colorado destinations.

Rue B Soho - Oooo! pink grapefruit!  Fresh and clean and invigorating.

Raspberry Blonde - Like golden waves of yeast crashing on a golden beach of golden sand with golden with the fresh tantalizing of crisp fresh Raspberries.

Moral Panic - Light and airy pears and lemon delight in this bar of soap

Moska Mule - Lime, ginger and sea salt join together to make your shower or bath a delicious experience.

Ska 2 Pack - Enjoy 2 fabulous Ska Soaps in one box.  Rue B Soho, Raspberry Blonde

Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, real beer,  and body safe fragrance, cocoa powder and titanium dioxide.

NOTE:  The palm oil we use comes strictly from members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO certification requires producers to follow strict standards to cultivate sustainable palm oil. RSPO criteria states, "no primary forests or areas which contain significant concentrations of biodiversity (e.g. endangered species) or fragile ecosystems, or areas which are fundamental to meeting basic or traditional cultural needs of local communities (high conservation value areas), can be cleared.” Additionally there are standards that require fair treatment of workers according to local and international labor rights standards.

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